Earlier this week, the Prime Minister attended an event to launch the “Digital Gaming Initiative”, which aims to create a digital ecosystem for gaming in the country. The event was attended by prominent industry leaders and gaming experts, who emphasized the importance of online gaming in providing new job opportunities and fostering innovation.As part of this initiative, the government has announced plans to invest Rs 100 crore in the gaming industry, which will be used to develop new games, create new gaming startups, and provide training to young gamers. The government has also announced plans to set up a national gaming federation, which will oversee the development of the gaming industry in the country.The government’s initiative has been welcomed by the gaming community in India, with many young gamers expressing their excitement and enthusiasm for the new opportunities that this initiative will provide. As one gamer from Delhi exclaimed, “This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our gaming skills and compete with each other. We are confident that this initiative will not only provide us with new job opportunities but also help us to develop our skills and become better gamers.”The government’s initiative also aims to promote digital literacy and online safety, as it has partnered with popular online gaming platforms to educate players on how to stay safe while playing games online. The government has also announced plans to set up a 24/7 helpline to provide support to gamers who may encounter any issues or problems while playing games online.Overall, the government’s initiative is seen as a major boost to the gaming industry in India, which is expected to create thousands of new job opportunities and promote innovation and entrepreneurship. As one industry expert stated, “This initiative will not only benefit the gaming industry but also help to develop the overall economy of the country. We are confident that this initiative will have a positive impact on the lives of millions of young Indians who are passionate about gaming.”